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im feelin very fresh this mornin, maybe because its 2 o'clock after noon. sten went to work, lucky basterd he is, mel is still in bed. dem the guys who im sharing a room with. i have no clue why i started writing my blog just now, cuz nothing is poppin into my mind, so weird, it felt so right about 10 minutes ago when i started typeing. and i have changed the language aswell, which seems to make no sense at all, yet feels kinda ironic.
its been 2 years, 2 months and some hours, since i stepped on a plane that took me to the promiced land of Australia. land of opportunities, heavy drinkin and melting sun. 2 days less then 1 month is still on my account, dunno what im gonna do this time... i was hoping that with the departure, comes the unemployment, but apparently this country has allways tricks and twists in its pocket. Paspaley has screwed us over, quite big time and cuz there is less than a month left of my visa, the job situation is not in favor of me. not disappointed, not angry, not out for revenge, just feelin quite numb about it. this is the reality of life, the other side of things here, u get screwed from time to time, but u cant get worked up about it, like some do. just bare with it, and things will turn up well in the end. not that im in Gatton caravan park with less then nothing in my pocket... got out of that shithole, and will get out of here, besides, this place is heaven comparing to Gatton. if u have seen Melrose place, then u can kinda see where im at. this hostel is cool as, pluss we r living in the hotel part of it, and paying even less than the guys in 6 or even 8 dorms... haah, we r wicked, this is wicked.
about a month and 6 days left till i will be back in my home sweet home. dunno if its gonna be the same anymore... 1 year didnt change much, 2 years must'f. everyone is livin their own little reality, workin, eating, shitting, with a definate purpose, which tho is rather difficult to define. what kinda purpose it is, shouldnt the time shaken the fundamentals a bit? everything is made easy, travelling, communicating etc. and yet so many still sit back home, waiting for the endless tomorrow. can't say it is wrong tho, as many people, as many tomorrows, just a bit sad that young people dont use the chances of being free, absolutely free, absolutely on your own, yet never alone. go and explore, there is so much more out there. i have travelled to the other side of the world, witch is deffinately round by the way, what ever the pope says. i have been privileged to travel and party with britts, irish, scotts, welsh, germans, french, italians, dutch's, danes, tsecks, finns, swedes, norwegians, estonians, americans, canadians, chilians, brazilians, australians, new zealanders, indians, balinees, thais, indonesians, kazacks, chinese, japanese, koreans... and sadly i probably forgot a few, or i just dont know where they were from. anyway, its been cool, would love to see them all again, specially some of em.
done some crazy shit the past 2 years, yerterday for instance, put Stens pants on fire, which to im not very proud of now. but he was the one who made me drink on a sunday night, cheers. what else have i done... daamn, it sure has been a ball. stopped writing and waz remenissin for 30 minutes... sorry bout that.
the end of another chapter is getting closer and closer, wouldnt say that just 6 months ago i was driving a million horsepower tractor, in a middle of a new banana plantation, or 3 months ago chippin shell on the top of the australian coast, or that a year ago i was back home, exited of coming back for seconds. or that 2 years ago i was pickin zucchinis with that funny Italian basterd Mauro, or watching the F1 melbourne cup just few weeks more than 2 years ago from now. or when we were blazin it up the christmas of 2009 on the beach of Byron bay with 2 of my best friends that i have found from my travels, or that roadtrip from cairns to alice springs... ooooh that roadtrip... probably the best thing i have done in my life. it is sooo sad, that it is coming to an end. i will not let it... i will carry on, fuck it, fuck the boundries of a reality, fuck the borders of countries, fuck the myth of becoming a welthy man with a car and a house and a dog named Baxter. just start realizing that life is soooo short and if u cant remember things u have done the last 3 years, then there must be something wrong, or, there has been too much boozin. not trying to diss anyone, just tryin to get u off your comfortable couch and to give you a free voucher for a ticket to life, with the best view to the screen. someone once said that if you found yourself amongst the gray, then it is time to stop, and think about it. i will give you 3 seconds...2...1...there ya go.
anyway, hopefully if i would ever find myself in a similar situation, there will be someone who will give me a lecture, makes me put on my warface, and boots me in the ass to continue. the humble and sweet comfort that so many r experianceing back in their nice little homes, might backfire one day anyway, so better go and open your mind and eyes for so much more, and you will find yourself amongst the brigh young people, who have the same way of thinkin... there goes the gray, and u r cured. damn, that came out quite similar to the stuff that they talk in churches on sunday... yet again sorry bout that.
so... who wants to come to canada wiz me??? :D just kiddin, im not takin ya, no-one came when i asked the same question about Australia, and im glad that none came, probably that was the best thing that could happen. cheers guys! :). there r few exeptions tho, there r people back home who i would love to travel wiz.
few countries which have working holiday visas, which r the best visas ever are: australia, new zealand, canada and there should be a 6 month WH for Hawaii aswell so pack ur bags homies and goooooooooo!!!!!!!

this blog was written over 3 weeks ago, probably just before we got kicked out of our beloved melrose place and moved into our new home called Alatai Holiday Apartments, which is even bigger and better than the old crib.
anyway... this is my blog, that was supposed to be on the net ages ago... but screw it... just 13 days of chillin and travelling ahead before i crash at yer gate... woop wooop wooooooooop!!!!

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